Camera Systems

Ultimate-4-Channel-SystemWhatever your camera requirements, PWT Alarms can provide you with a solution from  systems that can be monitored from your home PC to covert surveillance equipment .

Our wide range of CCTV services includes the following…

  • Process Control CCTV for workplace monitoring
  • Covert CCTV for public transport or areas where theft is suspected
  • Cash Till CCTV for monitoring of cash till transactions
  • Remote CCTV which can be monitored from your PC or a manned control centre
  • Wireless CCTV or IP CCTV web cams and video servers to interlink buildings and offices without the need for cables
  • Mobile CCTV for non-permanent locations such as vehicles or building sites.

Network DVR Configuration

If you already own a network capable DVR ( digital video recorder) we can help you configure it so you can view moving images from it over the internet.